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Software Development

Our teams will work with you to understand the business requirements and develop solutions to meet your needs. We follow agile processes and methodologies and encourage participation from our clients to ensure that the results are in line with the expectations.

Program / Project Rescue

A large % of software projects are not successful. Even with the best of the resources, teams and intentions, they fail. We can help you in the rescue of the 'doomed' project. We work with all the stakeholders, understand the project history, perform the root cause analysis and come up with the recovery plan.


If you need your software to be independently tested, our team can do it. After understanding the requirements and design, our team will perform independent testing of the product / project. This will help in uncovering the bugs in the software that are usually overlooked by the development teams.

Setting up ODCs

We have the expertise to setup and manage Offshore Development Centers (ODCs) for our partners. ODCs can be setup for product development as well as services engagements. In addition to yielding cost savings, ODCs accomplish the objective of attracting additional talent from the local market. For more details, please click here.


We also help in finding the right talent / augment the teams of our customers and partners. We have access to profiles through our own network as well as the various job portals. We can help you in the recruitment process by screening the candidates and finding the right fit to your requirements.For more details, please click here.

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